On Sunday 13th January 2019 around 40 villagers lit up the starry winters night to celebrate Horncliffe's salmon fishing heritage.


They carried torches and lanterns to escort the salmon around the village with songs and music. Dave Goodwin of the Fishers Arms pub proposed a toast to the salmon. The procession was led by local artist William Hamilton with his hand crafted salmon. Villagers also carried willow salmon to be ceremonially burnt on a fire at the village green overseen by Chief Fisher Louise Giddens.

The evening was rounded off with a well attended music session in the Fishers Arms village pub.


Salmon Procession 2019
Salmon Procession 2019
Salmon Procession 2019
Salmon Procession 2019
Salmon Procession 2019
Salmon Procession 2019
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Photo credit: The Fishers Arms

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Photo credit: Horncliffe Memorial Hall

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Salmon Procession 2019